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About us

The design team behind Danish Marine Design has many years of experience in the design of sailboats and motorboats of all sizes as well as optimization and modifications of already existing designs. Professional design tools and many years of combined experience in the industry, give the team a unique advantage to provide the customer with a thorough, calculated and analyzed design.

Lars Olsen

Lars T. Olsen


Engineer, yacht designer and certified boat expert as well as active participant in the racing tracks. As a naval Architect Lars has participant in several America’s Cup design groups. The main area is the design and optimization of racing boats as well as tour boats, both sailboats and motorboats. Lars' extensive experience with practical boat building provides good sparring for both shipyards and private boat builders. Lars has more than 40 years of experience in the industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of the CE certification.

Kasper Wedersoe

Kasper Wedersøe


Educated as a Naval Artchitect, yacht designer, sailmaker, rigger and AB Seaman, and has more than 30 years of experience, throughout his life worked in the maritime industry and has thereby gained great practical knowledge and understanding of how to find solutions that are implementable and work at sea. Kasper is an active participant in the racing courses, has over the years worked with many different projects such as America's Cup projects, design of new ships, modifications, and optimizations. In addition Kasper has experience with Fenite Element Modeling, drawing and stability programs, Kasper has worked for many years with VPP calculations used for velocity predictions and rating rules such as DH and ORC.

We can help with everything from purchase, documentation, registration and inspection.