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Bådtjek ApS

Professional Surveys of yachts and vessels.
A subdivision of Danish Marine Design ApS.

Billede af sejlbåd i havn.

Who are we?

We are a team with several years of experience in inspecting both private individuals, insurance companies and financial institutions. Since 1997, we have inspected almost 2,500 yachts and vessels both in Denmark and abroad.

We will, if you wish, prepare a written report after the inspection, so that you can review your impending purchase again and again. We would also very much like you to take part in the inspection yourself, as it is often nice to discuss the condition of the boat with the expert as the inspection progresses.

Billede af speedbåd

What can we do for you?

We carry out surveys and inspections where you need us.

This can be, an osmosis check, an external review, a test cruise, a total inspection or simply a review of the accompanying documents before a trade is completed.

We can also assist with checking whether the boat is CE approved as required by the law, make  tonnage measurements certificates as required if the yacht or vessel must be registered in the Danish Ship Registry, and we also help you fill in various forms in connection with registration in the Danish Ship Registry.

Billede af sejlbåd front.

We can help with everything from purchase, documentation, registration and inspection.